Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to wake up your PC from Stand-by mode or Hibernation

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to wake up your system from a Stand-by mode or Hibernation programmatically? The answer is yes, it’s possible. Wake-Up is a utility which will do it for you.
wake up sleep 400x395 How to wake up your PC from Stand by mode or Hibernation
Once activated it resides in the system and wakes it up at predefined time, runs a file and if necessary sends it into Stand-by mode, hibernates it or shuts it down. It can also be used to run scheduled operations every day, or on specific day(s).

The features of this program are:
* Can restore almost every Windows-based operating system from a Stand-by mode that support ACPI
* Can run a file or open a web page at a predetermined time after a wake-up event
* Can send system back to Stand-by mode (hibernate it, shut it down, or log off user) after a certain time interval;
* Can detect if Stand-by mode (or hibernation) is supported by your system;
* Can turn the monitor on and hold off screen-saver during the waiting time;
* Can repair local area network and high-speed Internet connection upon waking up from a suspended state;
* Can send system into Stand-by mode or hibernate it with more options than available through Operating System;
* Can be incorporated into an in-car (entertainment) PC system to speed up booting time & save battery
* Can be run from the Windows Command Line without user interaction;
* Can be saved as a batch file for later use.
Read Manual for details |Download Page.


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