Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Google Sues Illegal Prescription Drug Pushers

Google is doing its part to help rid the web of scammy ads for illegitimate pharmacies.

On its official blog, Google says that it has filed a civil lawsuit against advertisers it believes has deliberately broken its rules in regards to obtaining prescription medication. Scores of online pharmacies have set up shop and offer to illegally sell prescription medication over the Internet.

Google has had policies in place to prevent these companies from advertising on Google, but ad buyers still manage to get ads through the system anyway.

Rather than continually try to just technology to fight these rogue pharma pushers, Google is putting some legal muscle behind the fight too. The company says it will continue to add what it deems “bad actors” to the suit as it finds them.

Last year, Google filed a similar lawsuit against “Google Money” scammers. As Google continues to rise in importance to brands and companies, keeping its search results and advertisement sanitized remains crucial for maintaining Google’s reputation.

[via mashable]


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